Diversity Resources Group is a nationally recognized leader in delivering the latest cutting-edge technologies in commercial roofing, concrete and steel, as well as weather asset monitoring. Our solutions are designed to not only keep our clients competitive, but on the leading edge of their business landscape, now and into the future. Learn more about our roofing, steel, concrete and underground utilities capabilities here on this site. To learn about Diversity Resources Group technologies, including DRG subsidiary Diversity Technology, click the button below.

Commercial Roofing

Diversity Resources Group is a minority construction management firm with the largest minority-controlled roofing network in the nation. Our company culture is centered on delivering quality workmanship, on-time delivery of services on all projects. We provide 24-hour Emergency Roof Repair Service, including nights, weekends and holidays. With more than 180 locations nationwide, DRG is the single-source solution for all your commercial roofing needs.

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Weather Technology

What if you knew your home or building was in the direct path of a violent storm before anyone else, including most weather services? When harsh weather is involved, hours, minutes – even seconds – matter. Using military-grade technology that has been exclusively re-purposed for civilian applications, DRG offers cutting-edge predictive alerts for any kind of severe weather including hail, rain, wind, snow, hurricanes and tornadoes.

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