Diversity Resources Group is a nationally recognized leader in delivering the latest cutting-edge solutions in modular construction. Our solutions are designed to not only keep our clients competitive, but on the leading edge of their business landscape, now and into the future.


Wayne T. Lawrence
President & Director of Strategic Sourcing

Wayne T. Lawrence is CEO of Diversity Resources Group and has over 30 years of experience in the Modular Construction sector. He has built a track record of building the “First” in his career. First 2-story Permanent Modular Barracks, First 3-Story Permanent Modular Barracks, and First 4-Story Permanent Modular Barracks. Mr. Lawrence was the former co-founder of The Warrior Group, and was responsible for expanding the firm’s footprint and customer base. Mr. Lawrence started in the modular industry in 1989 and in 1997 decided to form an MBE Modular firm, but at that time Mr. Lawrence was President of SD Titan Resources, so he inserted his former wife Gail as President of The Warrior Group and Wayne ran the day to day operations of The Warrior Group helping build some of the largest modular projects in the industry. In 2007, Wayne and SD Titan invested $800K into The Warrior Group which led to initial meetings with Hensel Phelps and Fleetwood Homes convincing them to change their business model, leading to a transformation of the modular industry. First, Wayne convinced Fleetwood Homes to build permanent two-, three-, and eventually four-story residential apartment style structures that had never been attempted. Wayne also convinced Hensel Phelps to embrace the speed of fabrication and eventually partnered to build over $400 million in permanent army modular residential structures throughout the southwest. Wayne is still considered the brain child of the largest construction of permanent modular barracks from 2001-2010.

Mr. Lawrence divorced his former wife in 2010 after helping grow The Warrior Group to over $100M. Wayne for the past (8) years has been entrenched in growing an MBE roofing firm, yet in September of 2018, Mr. Lawrence was encouraged to form a TEAM to reinvigorate the modular industry as it relates to Large Modular Project Construction and out of that process he was reunited with Randall Stanley with HWH and Koman Co, an ANC firm.

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