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Diversity Resources Group is a nationally recognized leader in delivering the latest cutting-edge solutions in commercial roofing and modular buildings. Our solutions are designed to not only keep our clients competitive, but on the leading edge of their business landscape, now and into the future.


Wayne T. Lawrence

President & Director of Strategic Sourcing

Wayne started his career in the construction industry in 1989, leasing construction trailers while working for one of the largest modular companies in the country. Leveraging his knowledge and relationships, Wayne co-founded the Warrior Group. His leadership and foresight was instrumental in the growth of the largest minority modular company in the country. At one time, the firm was ranked the 32nd largest MBE firm in the U.S. with sales exceeding $130 million. Wayne has also managed the installation of over 6 million square feet of modular space in over 35 states and for USACE, DOD, AFB, USMC, BIA, IHS, DHS, GSA, as well as various other agencies. Wayne was involved in the construction of the AMC modular headquarters and was the pioneer for the construction of the first three- and four-story permanent modular buildings. He’s been involved in the construction of hardened buildings at AMC Headquarters, Robins AFB, and Pueblo Chemical Plant and is credited with supporting the construction of the largest USACE project in the shortest duration at Fort Stewart for USACE Savannah. After leaving the Warrior Group in 2010, Wayne stayed busy consulting, and in 2013 he formed Skystone Roofing Group with Chris Zazo, a veteran of the commercial roofing industry. Wayne quickly realized the commercial roofing industry lacked a national MBE roofing presence. He quickly pivoted, and by 2015 he and Zazo rebranded the company by creating and certifying Diversity Resources Group (DRG) as a national MBE roofing firm. In April of 2017 Wayne assumed 100% ownership of DRG and now has DRG positioned to pursue both commercial roofing and modular construction opportunities.

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